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Hello there! I go by the name Daffupanda (though I have gone by DFA, darkuangel and dark fire angel in my earlier days - I will never outrun these nicknames, watch). You may call me simply Daffu if you wish!

I will never have side accounts here on DA to sell commissions, adoptables or anything else. Do not trust anyone that claims to be me! When I sell commissions or adoptables, it will be through this account! On a similar note, do not trust anyone on any other site with commissions unless it's one of these accounts:

Gaiaonline - Daffupanda
Furaffinity - Daffupanda
Aywas: account 81
Toyhouse: Daffu

I will add accounts as needed. I have other accounts on other sites but I do NOT sell art on them.

Credit mew/dragon adopts: manaberry

Commission Info



Pocket Island Tracking journal

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 18, 2016, 7:28 AM

Bullet; Green Payment: 

for Yaramazara for DYO Rayquaza hybrid

Mystian Woods Clutch #6: Sky master Clutch {Open} by Yaramazara 

for Napstasquid for various things

Kittens by Daffupanda

Bullet; Green DYO for myself: 

Raptor by Daffupanda Articuraptor (sky themed) from Pipen

Mutant/Delta/Hybrid Murkrow/Poochyena (Fairy) from @lightheumbreon

Bullet; Green Clutches to do: I will allow reserves! However, by reserving the mon you are agreeing to TAKE IT without seeing it first! You are not allowed to take back your offer if you decide you do not like it. Reserves allow you a first dib on the mon, and it's not fair if you retract. 

Bullet; Orange Shiny: 75Points / 15 levels 
Bullet; Orange Mutant: 100Points / 20 levels 
Bullet; Orange Hybrid: 100Points / 20 levels 
Bullet; Orange Delta: 100Points / 20 levels 
Bullet; Orange Pinkan: 200Points / 40 levels 
Bullet; Orange Shadow: 200Points / 40 levels 
Bullet; Orange Oddity: 300Points / 60 levels 
Bullet; Orange Toy: 300Points / 60 levels 
Bullet; Orange Legend: 800Points / 160 levels 

Prices STACK. I also take OOS items. 1 OOS item for nearly any of the mon except legends.

Clutch 1: PI- Pina Colada PI - Kimau

Clutch Size: 6
Males: 2
Females: 4
Species: 2 Snivys, 1 Pidgey, 3 Hybrids
Shiny: 4
Mutant: 3
Delta: 0

Possible Hybrid Pokemon: Charmander, Pidgey, Snivy

I do: All
Clutch is concidered: Non canon
Taken by me: None
Being sold:
1 Shiny/Mutant/Hybrid on hold for Enalon
1 Mutant/Hybrid on hold for LadyPipen 
1 Mutant/Hybrid on hold for ShellyCake

Clutch 2: PI - Jaelle x Kendal Of Harmony's Bliss Ranch

Clutch Size: 6
Males: 2
Females: 4
Species: 2 Mareeps, 1 Eevee, 3 Hybrids
Shiny: 5
Mutant: 5
Delta: 4

Possible Delta Types: Grass, Normal, Electric, Fighting, Flying, Water
Deltas must have a type that is not natural to them.

Possible Hybrid Pokemon: Eevee, Mareep, Skiddo, Keldeo

I do:

2 Hybrid
3 Shiny
2 Mutant
2 Delta

Taken: 1 Mutant Shiny Hybrid (Keldeo)
Clutch is concidered: Non canon
Being sold: 
1 Hybrid Delta Shiny (Keldeo)
1 Delta Mutant Shiny Mareep

Clutch 3: PI - Bubbles x Relic [Pocket Island]

Clutch Size: 6
Males: 6
Females: 0
Species: 2 Pichus, 4 Zygardes
Shiny: 2
Mutant: 5
Delta: 4

Possible Delta Types: Electric, Dragon, Ground
Deltas must have a type that is not natural to them.

I do:

2 Zygarde, 1 Pichu
1 Shiny
3 Mutant
2 Delta

Taken: 1 Delta Mutant Zygarde
Clutch is concidered: CANON
Being sold: 
1 Mutant Shiny Zygarde on hold for VictoriousUsagi
1 Delta Mutant Pichu on hold for LadyPipen

Clutch 4: Pocket Island - Nukpana x Jay App

Clutch Size: 6
Males: 3
Females: 3
Species: 6 Hybrids
Shiny: 3
Mutant: 5
Delta: 3

Possible Delta Types: Psychic, Fighting, Ice, Dragon, Fire
Deltas must have a type that is not natural to them.

Possible Hybrid Pokemon: Smoochum, Dratini, Riolu, 
Jirachi, Reshiram

I do:

3 Hybrids
2 Delta
3 Mutant
1 Shiny

Taken: 1 Hybrid
Clutch is concidered: CANON
Being sold: 
1 Hybrid on hold for Enalon
1 Hybrid on hold for LadyPipen

  • Listening to: Owl city

What would peeps be more interested in purchasing from me? 

38 deviants said Normal commission stuff
29 deviants said Random pokemon fusion hybrid custom stuff for general public to buy
19 deviants said Pygmy puffs
11 deviants said Get off your lazy tail and do Numas, woman
3 deviants said Something else (comment?)


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Have a wonderful day! ^_^
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Merry christmas everybody 
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