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Hello there! I go by the name Daffupanda (though I have gone by DFA, darkuangel and dark fire angel in my earlier days - I will never outrun these nicknames, watch). You may call me simply Daffu if you wish!

I will never have side accounts here on DA to sell commissions, adoptables or anything else. Do not trust anyone that claims to be me! When I sell commissions or adoptables, it will be through this account! On a similar note, do not trust anyone on any other site with commissions unless it's one of these accounts:

Gaiaonline - Daffupanda
Aywas: account 81
Tumblr: Happylittlesheep
Toyhouse: Daffu

I will add accounts as needed. I have other accounts on other sites but I do NOT sell art on them.

Commission Info


A link to all the basic rules and ToS will be added here in the very near future. For now this is pretty much dummy text. But hey, it's no longer a lorem ipsum!


  • LYJ: 4 Templates (one paid)

Summer Commissions - CLOSED

Journal Entry: Sun Jun 14, 2015, 10:11 AM

Oky doke. I'm opening up commissions for the summer. I will be taking VERY few at a time, and will not take more until those are done. I will keep updating this journal and leave it up till school starts.

For the most part, I'm pretty slow so I don't know how many commissions I'll end up taking through the summer but hey. Open-ness. That's more than I've done in years.

- I accept OCs (they must be animals/creatures! Any sort of animal/creature), MLPs (I'm very new at making these, you have been warned) and Pokemon for these.
- If you have any other sort of fan-creature from anything not ponies/pokemon, run it through me.
- Unless it's a pokemon, you MUST have a visual aid ref. No written refs.
- If it's a pokemon, you do not need a visual ref, but I might have to stop you if the design is too hard for me to understand from written word only!
- Payment is expected before I start on your commission. Do not send payment until I contact you, however. I would strongly rather paypal since I need the cash asap.
- I lower the price if there is another character in the scene but please, do not take advantage of this. The character should be interacting. Do not asl for 2 profile pictures and expect the cut price!
- All the prices are for FULLBODIES. If you're looking for waist ups or something, please talk to me about it.

Bullet; Green Sketchy one color:

PKMN Reign - The Resurgence Festival pt2 by Daffupanda PMDO - Cameo call! by Daffupanda

5$ (an extra 2$ per extra character, up to 3)

I might have to up the price slightly depending on difficulty (if your character is very complicated or something along those lines).

Bullet; Green Storybook style:

PMDOrigins: Sleeping away by Daffupanda Milotic Design by Daffupanda Pika pika pikachu by Daffupanda
Part 2 by DaffupandaPart 3 by DaffupandaPart 4 by Daffupanda Part 1 by Daffupanda
15$ (an extra 5$ per extra character, up to 3)

I might have to up the price slightly depending on difficulty (if your character is very complicated or something along those lines).

Bullet; Green Normal Ink (Shading + Colored lines optional):

No shading + Black lines: 20$ (an extra 10$ per extra character, up to 3)

PKMNation - Shojo-manga tainted Glasses by Daffupanda Pokemon Ask: Emotional Stress by Daffupanda PokemonAsk! - Bee is in total denial by Daffupanda

No shading + Color lines: 25$ (an extra 10$ per extra character, up to 3)

PokemonAsk! - Hair? What hair? by Daffupanda Pokemon Ask - Damian and Bee by Daffupanda PokemonAsk! - Karma for Puck by Daffupanda 

Shading + Color lines: 30$ (an extra 10$ per extra character, up to 3)

PKMNation - Profile batch 2 by Daffupanda PKMNation - Profile batch 1 by Daffupanda PKMNation - The evolution of Chuuu~~ by Daffupanda 

I might have to up the price slightly depending on difficulty (if your character is very complicated or something along those lines).

Bullet; Green Templates: 

D3 by Daffupanda D2 by Daffupanda D4 by Daffupanda

50$ (Each pose)

I might have to up the price slightly depending on difficulty. 
You are, indeed, allows to sell adoptables for points/money with these templates (That's why the price is so high for each). Once the template is out of my hands and in yours, you may do with it as you will EXCEPT claim you made it. ALWAYS mention me as the artist of the template.

Bullet; Green Art Slots: (I will be taking a max of 2-3 slots at a time)

2. Kitchiki (Storybook 1 char)
3. Seraphon (Shading + colored lines normal ink, 2 chars) PAID

Bullet; Green Template Slot: (1 slot at a time)

1. Rabid-Sarin - (Started)

Bullet; Green Special Slot: 

1. kaleb711 - (x characters, inks, normal shades, no background, commercial use)

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