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Hello there! I go by the name Daffupanda (though I have gone by DFA, darkuangel and dark fire angel in my earlier days - I will never outrun these nicknames, watch). You may call me simply Daffu if you wish!

I will never have side accounts here on DA to sell commissions, adoptables or anything else. Do not trust anyone that claims to be me! When I sell commissions or adoptables, it will be through this account! On a similar note, do not trust anyone on any other site with commissions unless it's one of these accounts:

Gaiaonline - Daffupanda
Furaffinity - Daffupanda
Aywas: account 81
Tumblr: Happylittlesheep
Toyhouse: Daffu

I will add accounts as needed. I have other accounts on other sites but I do NOT sell art on them.

Credit mew/dragon adopts: manaberry

Commission Info



Wow, DA, what on earth?

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 3, 2015, 3:36 PM

Da, sweetheart, baby, honey buns, come here, we need to talk ... you went from:

$29.95 or 2,396 DA Points for 12 months  to  

47.41 (US $50.00) or 4,000 Points for 12 months 

.... Why?

Please let me know why the ever loving frick you decided this was a good idea? What have you added to the premium core membership that warrants a jump of double the god damned price?

I was this close to getting a 12 month membership for myself, because I enjoyed helping the site, being ad free and dicking around with my profile and journal.

But you know WHAT? 

Fuck that shit. I refuse to pay double the price when I could be using those 50$ to go to the cinema, get myself some art commissions or otherwise use it in something else worth my while. Wow. WOW, DA, wow. It's literally like you're actively trying to get most of your user base to FLEE from this place and find another one; you ARE aware that's what's going to happen in the long run, right? Another site will pop up, and all of us people that are refusing to leave because we dislike new places, are going to end up packing their bags and leaving.

I'm literally sticking around for my pokemon groups. Nothing else ties me here anymore than my groups.

DA, sweetie buns, honey... precious. Rethink your marketing strategy. You're running your site literally into the ground, little by little. Stop.

[/end pissed off/upset rant]

PS. Does anyone know any site that's similar to DA, in that it's a gallery for you to display art? I know of but I'm curious to know if there are others I should be keeping an eye on?

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ShiiNiku Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2015  New Deviant Hobbyist Digital Artist
Really appreciated
and your ART *A* soprettehhhhhhhhhhhh
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Aisheyru-Fox Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Gosh dang, each time I see your art my heart explodes. Stay wonderful please. <3
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wolfheartsprite Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
If you could donate/share… OR for my family, I would be eternally grateful.  Each site caters to different countries.
Kutla95 Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2015
Your artstyle is just SO cool, I love your designs ! It's unique and super adorable ;w;
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